• Deflate-Gate

    You are an equipment employee responsible for deflating 12 footballs down to 10.5 PSI as fast as you can. Don’t get caught by the constantly peering referee!

  • Fantasy Night Football Championship Edition

    Available for a limited time only! Pick your side and experience the thrill of The Big Game! Are you ready to make a run at the FNF Championship?

    Fantasy Night Football Championship Edition
  • Fantasy Night Football

    It’s just you on the field against an endless onslaught of big-hitting football roughnecks hungry for your head! Jump, duck and spin your way past these tackling machines and race for the end zone.

    Fantasy Night Football
  • City Birds – Birdcage Blowout!

    The City Birds are headed straight for the city airport… and we all know birds and planes don’t mix. So it’s your job to rescue these cagey cuckoos before it’s bye, bye birdie!

    City Birds – Birdcage Blowout!
  • First Pitch – Live The Baseball Fantasy

    You’re alone on the mound in front of 45,000 fans. Can you focus enough to throw that perfect strike… or will you crumble under the pressure?

    First Pitch – Live The Baseball Fantasy
  • Meathead Love Coach

    Whether you’re looking for that special guy or already involved with the man of your dreams, we all could use a little help now and then. And who better to get relationship advice from than a bona-fide Meathead from the Jersey Shore?

    Meathead Love Coach


Deflate Gate Game for Apple App Store and Google Play

The Wells Report has been released… Deflate-Gate Lives!

When the "Deflate-Gate" controversy was born back in late January, I joined forces with Mike A of TimeDriven Games to develop the first Deflate-Gate mobile game. We spent a few sleepless days and nights working to get it ready in time and we succeeded, not knowing how long it … [Read More]



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