• Fantasy Night Football Championship Edition

    **Available for a limited time only!

    Pick your side and experience the thrill of The Big Game! Are you ready to make a run at the FNF Championship?

    Fantasy Night Football Championship Edition
  • Deflate-Gate

    The Deflate-Gate Experience!

    Don’t get caught deflating 12 footballs before the big game. Watch out for the referee before you get caught cheating.

  • Fantasy Night Football

    It’s just you on the field against an endless onslaught of big-hitting football roughnecks!

    Jump, duck and spin your way past these tackling machines and race for the end zone.

    Fantasy Night Football
  • City Birds

    Save The City Birds before they fly into the dangerous airport!

    They’ll fight back with dive-bombing eggs, booby-trapped balloons and even strapping on jet packs to outrun you!

    City Birds
  • First Pitch – Live The Baseball Fantasy

    You’re alone on the mound in front of 45,000 fans.

    Can you focus enough to throw that perfect strike… or will you crumble under the pressure?

    First Pitch – Live The Baseball Fantasy
  • Meathead Love Coach

    Relationships can be hard. Getting good Relationship Advice can be even harder.

    Now you can learn from the master… a bona-fide Meathead from the Jersey Shore!

    Meathead Love Coach


Deflate Gate Game for Google Play

It’s A Football Frenzy!

The Super Bowl Fever is strong with us here at Chunky Apps as we've introduced not one, but TWO new games to our line up in the last few days! First up is our take on what is bound to go down as the strangest controversy in NFL history... Deflate-Gate. Whether it was the evil … [Read More]


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